Australian Egg Corporation CTM 2012

The Australian Egg Corporation has withdrawn its certified trade mark (CTM) application and as a result the ACCC’s consideration of this application has ceased.


The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) has advised the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that it has written to IP Australia withdrawing its application for Certification Trade Mark No 1390450 that proposed a number of industry standards, including standards for free range egg production.

Further information

Prior to AECL’s withdrawal of their application, the ACCC released its initial assessment of the certification trade mark (CTM) application.

The ACCC proposed not to approve the CTM because it considered that the AECL’s proposed standards may mislead consumers about the nature of eggs described as ‘free range’. In addition, the ACCC considered that the proposed standards did not meet all of the legislative requirements in the Trade Marks Act.


The ACCC received a number of submissions in response to its initial assessment prior to AECL’s withdrawal of their CTM application.

Initial assessment of Certification Trade Mark application - AECL ( DOC 754 KB )

ACCC consultation letter to interested parties 23 May 2012 ( PDF 174.45 KB )

Australian Egg Corporation Limited - Rules and Standards ( PDF 9.72 MB )

Revised farm standard for egg producers ( PDF 7.65 MB )