ACCC/AER Regulatory Conference 2013

The fourteenth ACCC/AER Regulatory Conference was held in Brisbane on 25 and 26 July at the Sofitel Hotel. The themes of the conference revolved around two major issues – customer involvement and pricing.

Conference program

2013 Regulatory Conference program ( PDF 100.02 KB | DOC 53 KB )

Conference proceedings

Day one: Thursday 25 July 2013 Speakers

Session 1: Customer involvement: The next frontier for regulatory reform or a smokescreen hiding other failings?

Presentation by Dr Mark Jamison, University of Florida ( PDF 202.41 KB )

Presentation by Professor Catherine Waddams, University of East Anglia ( PDF 401.96 KB )

Presentation by Professor Matthias Finger, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Laussane ( PDF 310.27 KB )

Session 2: How do you design customer involvement?

Presentation by Dr Chris Decker, University of Oxford ( PDF 159.85 KB )

Presentation by Greg Houston, NERA ( PDF 1.67 MB )

Session 3: Regulatory pricing conundrums and challenges

Presentation by Professor Michael Crew, Rutgers University ( PDF 262.11 KB )

Presentation by Professor Frank Wolak, Stanford University ( PDF 362.17 KB )

Session 4: Legal: A case study in consumer engagement

Presentation by Sonny Popowsky, National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates ( PDF 2.41 MB )

Presentation by Rachel Trindade, State of Competition ( PDF 368.87 KB )

Day two: Friday 26 July 2013 Presentations

Breakout session 1: Communications: Managing congestion in communications

Presentation by Dr Jonathan Cave, Warwick University ( PDF 1.06 MB )

Presentation by Professor Stephen King, Monash University ( PDF 332.13 KB )

Breakout session 1: Electricity: Pricing reforms and customer preferences

Presentation by Associate Professor James Bushnell, University of California ( PDF 300.04 KB )

Breakout session 2: Water: Government Investment in the Rural Water Sector–managing competing priorities

Presentation by Dr Glyn Wittwer, Monash University ( PDF 1.05 MB )

Presentation by Matthew Toulmin, RMCG ( PDF 5.26 MB )

Breakout session 2: Finance: Investor expectations and the regulatory framework

Presentation by Dr Peng Chen, Dimensional ( PDF 1.51 MB )

Presentation by Dr Ross Barry, First Principles ( PDF 610.88 KB )

Closing plenary session: A debate: ‘Are we twenty years behind America or are the rest of us on a totally different path with regard to consumer involvement’