Our past graduates

Our graduates go on to work in all areas of the ACCC. You can read about their experiences on the graduate program below.

2020 graduates


The ACCC/AER Graduate Program was the perfect opportunity to further apply my prior experiences supporting small business and educational equity. It was greatly rewarding to rotate through diverse teams whose wide-ranging regulatory work make a real, current difference in Australians’ everyday lives. These included helping investigate COVID-19 supplier payment terms by retailers and franchising agreements, plus assessing compliance from large vehicle suppliers during the unprecedented Takata recall. Having studied economics, my current day-to-day work helping analyse energy affordability continually gives me great opportunities to develop data analysis and report writing skills, while being inspired by people possessing great passion and expertise for what they do.


The ACCC/AER Graduate Program was nothing like I expected. Every day there was a new challenge, a new way to broaden my thinking and apply the skills I had learned from uni, a new opportunity to test my resilience, learn something new, and grow personally and professionally. I'm lucky and proud to be part of a supportive and dynamic organisation that prioritises its people and doing great work. I got to experience the tipping point of just how far an Arts/Law degree can get me through rotating through different levels and areas of the ACCC, and I'm excited for what's to come.


Throughout the ACCC/AER Graduate Program, I was involved in many tasks in all of my rotations, where I was able to apply the skills I have learnt at university and increase my knowledge. One of the many perks of the graduate program is the opportunity graduates have in getting involved in important and valuable work alongside their team members and not just working on administrative tasks. This allowed for an expansion of skills and knowledge, allowing for a smooth transition from the graduate program to my current permanent position in the agency. I had the opportunity to write reports, present to senior management, examine evidence and data, assist my team in coming up with conclusions or theories about certain matters, and contribute to team meetings.

Having studied law and business, I also had the opportunity to rotate in three different divisions where I was able to learn many new and valuable skills that added variety and interesting challenges to my graduate year as a whole and contributed greatly to my development. Working at the ACCC also gave me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment especially when seeing the matters I was working on in the public domain and the positive effects the ACCC’s work has on the Australian public, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

2019 graduates


I highly recommend the ACCC/AER Graduate Program simply because it is such a good place to blast-off the start of your career. I found the opportunities constantly evolving and I love being on the forefront of fighting for the betterment of Australians, being a part of positive change, and standing up for fairness. The graduate program is supportive, expansive and you make so many good friends. It’s the perfect start to a new chapter as a professional.


The ACCC/AER Graduate Program was a fantastic introduction to the work of the ACCC and AER. I got the opportunity to take on a diverse range of interesting work that both utilised and complemented my law background and I was given a decent amount of responsibility, while always feeling supported. Being in the graduate program also meant immediately having a network of other grads to share the experience with and bounce thoughts off, who have become lasting connections beyond the grad year.


I completed the ACCC/AER Graduate Program in 2019 after finishing university with an Honours degree in Economics. During the program I rotated through three diverse areas of the organisation and worked on projects related to advocacy, investigations and access arrangements.

As a graduate, I felt like a valued member of each of the teams I rotated through and I was encouraged to get involved as much as possible. This included an opportunity to present in front of the Commissioners only a couple of months after I started the program. The program also included ongoing learning and development seminars that continue to influence the work I do today.

Overall, the program was an invaluable learning experience that gave me a greater appreciation of the breadth of work that the ACCC and AER undertake and a clearer indication of where I want to take my career.

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