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Commission members


Gina Cass-Gottlieb

Deputy Chairs

Mick Keogh
Catriona Lowe


Stephen Ridgeway
Anna Brakey
Peter Crone
Liza Carver

Associate members

Clare Savage
Jim Cox PSM
Justin Oliver
Jarrod Ball
Lynne Gallagher
Nerida O’Loughlin PSM
Derek Johnston

ACCC organisation structure

Chair and Agency Head

Gina Cass-Gottlieb

  • Executive Officer to the Chair - Kim Beauchamp

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Proudfoot (acting)

  • Executive Officer to the Chief Executive Officer - Bianca Chatillon


Executive General Manager

Melinda McDonald

(02) 9230 3894 (Immunity Hotline)

  • Competition Enforcement and Advocacy - Richard Fleming
  • Competition Enforcement and Cartels - Leah Won
  • Competition Enforcement, Co-ordination and Strategy - Johanna Croser

Consumer Data Right

Executive General Manager

Kathie Standen

  • Solution Delivery and Operations - Tim Jasson (acting)
  • Accreditation Guidance and Policy - David Jones
  • Compliance and Enforcement - Emily Douglas (acting)

Consumer and Fair Trading

Executive General Manager

Rami Greiss

  • Enforcement Southern - Ben Morawetz
  • Enforcement Central and Western - Adam Jarvis
  • Enforcement Northern and Eastern - Kate Hebbard
  • Small Business and Agriculture - David Salisbury
  • Consumer and Compliance Strategies - Libby Darwin 

Consumer Product Safety

Executive General Manager

Lauren White (acting)

  • Risk Management and Policy - Nick O'Kane (acting)
  • Risk Assessment and Operations - Natalie Attrill 


  • Executive and Governance - Lisa Anne Ayres
  • Finance and Property - Tracey Walker (acting)
  • Information Management and Technology Services - Sarah Polhill
  • People and Culture - Gina Dolan
  • Strategic Communications - Ruth Williams

Digital Identity

Executive General Manager and Chief Risk Officer

Richard Home

  • Digital Delivery - Daniel Ramos
  • Policy and Regulatory - Sharon Alley (acting)


Executive General Manager

Nicole Ross (acting)

  • Communications Markets and Advocacy - Sean Riordan
  • Infrastructure and Transport - Access and Pricing - Matthew Schroder
  • Mobiles, Transmission and Consumer - Tara Morice 
  • Gas Inquiry - Angela Woo
  • Electricity Markets - Mark McLeish
  • Insurance Monitoring - Michael Eady

Mergers, Exemptions and Digital

Executive General Manager

Tom Leuner

  • Competition Exemptions (formerly Adjudication) - Lyn Camilleri
  • Policy, Coordination and Remedies - Bruce Mikkelsen (acting)
  • Digital Platforms - Kate Reader

  • Merger Investigations - Morag Bond
  • Supermarkets Inquiry - Daniel McCracken-Hewson
  • Merger Reform - Suzie Copley

National Anti-Scam Centre

Executive General Manager

Heidi Snell (acting)

  • National Anti-Scam Centre - Jayde Richmond 

Specialist Advice and Services

Executive General Manager

Clare O'Reilly (Acting)

  • General Counsel - Wendy Peter
  • Chief Economist - Lilla Csorgo
  • Special Counsel - Peter Renehan
  • Competition and Consumer Law - Andrew Floro
  • Mergers, Exemptions and Digital Law - Jennifer Barron
  • Corporate Law - Julia Peterburgsky 
  • Regulatory Law - Helen Anness
  • Economic and International - Cameron McKean (acting)
  • Data and Intelligence - Melisande Waterford

Organisation structure as at 3 June 2024 ( PDF 105.67 KB )

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