External legal services expenditure by the ACCC for the financial year
Expense Amount

External expenditure on solicitors


External expenditure on counsel


Other disbursements on external legal services


Total external legal services expenditure


Since 1 July 2018, the Legal Services Directions 2017 specifically encourages Commonwealth agencies to use all reasonable endeavours to select female barristers with relevant seniority, expertise and experience in the relevant practice area, with a view to:

  • senior female barristers accounting for at least 25% of all briefs or 25% of the value of all brief fees paid to senior barristers
  • junior female barristers accounting for at least 30% of all briefs or 30% of the value of all brief fees paid to junior barristers.

These targets support the objectives of the Law Council of Australia's Equitable Briefing Policy.

For the 2022-23 financial year, the ACCC recorded figures in relation to female counsel:

Recorded figures in relation to female counsel


Female junior counsel

Female senior counsel

Total female counsel

Indirect – number of briefs




Indirect – value of briefs




Direct – number of briefs




Direct – value of briefs




Explanatory notes

The above figures are all GST exclusive.

The above figures do not include the ACCC’s internal legal services expenditure.

The above figures were prepared on an accrual basis.

Indirect briefing refers to counsel briefed through legal services firms retained by the ACCC. This contrasts with counsel briefed directly by the ACCC.

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