The ACCC has legislated functions regarding enforcement, price setting, monitoring and reporting in water markets.


Title Type Status
Review of the water charge rules: advice development Policy advice Submissions due
4 March 2016

On 17 December 2014, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment wrote to the ACCC requesting advice on possible amendments to the:

  • Water Charge (Infrastructure) Rules 2010
  • Water Charge (Planning and Management Information) Rules 2010, and
  • Water Charge (Termination Fees) Rules 2009.

The request for advice is in response to a recommendation of the Independent Review of the Water Act 2007, which was tabled in Parliament in December 2014.

IPART application for accreditation under the water charge (infrastructure) rules Accreditation application Finalised
23 September 2015

Part 9 of the Water Charge (Infrastructure) Rules 2010 (WCIR) allows a state agency to apply to the ACCC for accreditation of arrangements under which it would approve or determine the regulated charges of Part 6 and Part 7 operators in that state instead of the ACCC.

Water charge (infrastructure) rules: accreditation arrangements Policy advice Finalised
23 September 2015
The ACCC provided its final advice on the water infrastructure charge rules on 26 June 2009.
Water NSW (formerly State Water): annual price review 2015-16 Price determination Finalised
5 June 2015

The ACCC is conducting its first annual review of Water NSW’s regulated charges for water infrastructure services in the Murray-Darling Basin.

This review applies to charges for 2015-16, the second year of the regulatory period 2014–17. Annual reviews of charges for the second and subsequent years of a regulatory period are provided for under rule 34 of the Water Charge (Infrastructure) Rules 2010.

State Water's regulated charges: 2014-17 review Price determination Finalised

Under the Water charge (infrastructure) rules 2010 (WCIR) the ACCC is the regulator responsible for approving or determining State Water’s regulated charges in the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) to apply for the period 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2017. State Water's MDB charges were previously regulated by the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

Water charge (infrastructure) rules: advice development Policy advice Finalised
The Water Charge (Infrastructure) Rules 2010 commenced on 12 January 2011 after being made by the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.
Water charge (termination fees) amendment rules: advice development Policy advice Finalised
The amendments were registered on 16 February 2011 and commenced on 17 February 2011.
Water trading rules: advice development Policy advice Finalised
The ACCC received a number of submissions from stakeholders and interested parties during the development of the Water Trading Rules advice.