The ACCC has responsibilities in rail industry regulation, including promoting efficient investment in rail infrastructure.


Title Type Status
Annual compliance assessment 2013 Compliance assessment Ongoing
21 January 2015

The accepted Hunter Valley Access Undertaking requires ARTC to submit documentation to the ACCC for the purposes of an annual compliance assessment. Section 4.10 and Schedule G of the undertaking requires the ACCC to determine whether ARTC has complied with the financial model and pricing principles specified in the undertaking and whether there has been any under or over recovery of revenue from users that needs to be reconciled.

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Final Indicative Services variation 2014 Undertaking variation Withdrawn
7 November 2014

In January 2014, ARTC submitted a proposed variation to the accepted Hunter Valley access undertaking to the ACCC for assessment. The proposed variation relates to the determination of the efficient train configuration and associated indicative charges.

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ARTC advices on reviews Access undertaking Finalised
25 Sep 2012
These letters from the ARTC document the progress of various reviews related to the 2011 Hunter Valley undertaking.

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Gap to Turrawan variation 2014 Undertaking variation Accepted
25 June 2014
On 28 June 2013 ARTC submitted a request to vary its 2011 undertaking to the ACCC.

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Revenue allocation review Review Under assessment

In the ACCC’s determination on ARTC’s compliance with the financial model and pricing principles in the Hunter Valley Access Undertaking (HVAU) for the 2012 calendar year, the ACCC stated that it intended to undertake a public review of the provision of information to stakeholders and the methodologies underpinning revenue allocation across the Hunter Valley Coal Network.

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Five year review of undertaking Undertaking variation Finalised
9 May 2014

ARTC is required to review the accepted access undertaking five years after the commencement date to determine whether any amendments to the undertaking are required as a result of changes to industry circumstances or Government legislation, rules, or regulations.

In October 2013, ARTC provided a letter to stakeholders describing the requirements and scope of the five year review and seeking their comments. Submissions closed on 29 November 2013. ARTC received seven submissions in response.

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Annual compliance assessment 2012 Compliance assessment Finalised
24 March 2014
The Hunter Valley Access Undertaking (HVAU) accepted by the ACCC on 29 June 2011 requires ARTC to submit documentation for the purposes of an annual compliance assessment conducted by the ACCC.

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Interstate rail access undertaking 2008 Access undertaking Accepted
30 Jul 2008
On 30 July 2008, the ACCC accepted ARTC’s interstate rail Access undertaking (ARTC’s undertaking).

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