Regulated infrastructure


Title Industry Type Status
NBN Co - Special Access Undertaking implementation Communications Monitoring Ongoing
12 August 2014

On 13 December 2013 the ACCC accepted NBN Co's Special Access Undertaking (SAU). The SAU commenced on 13 December 2013 and will expire in 2040.

The SAU specifies price and non-price terms and conditions relating to access to NBN Co's fibre, fixed wireless and satellite networks and other related services. Part XIC of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 provides a role for the ACCC in monitoring and enforcing NBN Co's complaince with the SAU.

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GrainCorp Operations Ltd 2011 Wheat export Access undertaking Application to vary
28 July 2014
GrainCorp provided the ACCC with a revised Proposed 2011 Undertaking on 31 January 2011 which contains technical amendments to the Undertaking lodged on 22 September 2010.

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Emerald Logistics 2013 Wheat export Access undertaking Submissions due
22 August 2014
Information about the Access undertaking for Emerald Logistics Services Pty Ltd (Emerald)

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Telstra's Structural Separation Undertaking Communications Monitoring Ongoing
5 August 2014
On 19 June 2013, the ACCC approved two minor variations to Telstra's SSU.

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NBN Services in Operation Record Keeping Rules Communications Monitoring Submissions due
15 August 2014

The NBN Services in Operation Record Keeping Rules request information from NBN Co on the number of Access Virtual Circuit (AVC) services in operation, as well as information on the amount of Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) capacity being acquired and average CVC utilisation over the NBN.

This information will be used to assist the ACCC in performing its regulatory functions under Parts XIB and XIC of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and is likely to eventually replace the Customer Access Network (CAN) RKR.

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Final indicative services variation 2014 Rail Undertaking variation Submissions due
2 September 2014

In January 2014, ARTC submitted a proposed variation to the accepted Hunter Valley access undertaking to the ACCC for assessment. The proposed variation relates to the determination of the efficient train configuration and associated indicative charges.

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Mobile terminating access service FAD inquiry 2014 Communications Access determination Submissions due
29 August 2014
The ACCC commences a public inquiry into making a final access determination for the Mobile Terminating Access Service (MTAS).

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FAD inquiries - Non-price terms & conditions & supplementary prices Communications Access determination Ongoing
15 July 2014

The ACCC has commenced consultation on non-price terms and conditions and supplementary pricing issues for a number of related declared services:

  • fixed line services and wholesale ADSL service
  • mobile terminating access service (MTAS)
  • domestic transmission capacity service (DTCS)

On 23 May 2014, the ACCC released a position paper, seeking views on these issues.

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