Regulated infrastructure


Title Industry Type Status
East Coast gas inquiry 2015 Energy Inquiry Under assessment
13 April 2015

On 13 April 2015 the Minister for Small Business directed the ACCC to hold an inquiry into the competitiveness of the Wholesale Gas Industry.

Scope of inquiry

This is an inquiry into East Coast natural gas markets. Matters to be considered by the inquiry include:

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FAD inquiries - Non-price terms & conditions & supplementary prices Communications Access determination Submissions due
8 May 2015

The ACCC has commenced consultation on non-price terms and conditions and supplementary pricing issues for a number of related declared services:

  • fixed line services and wholesale ADSL service
  • mobile terminating access service (MTAS)
  • domestic transmission capacity service (DTCS)

Given these inquiries will cover a number of related issues regarding non-price terms and conditions and supplementary pricing issues, the ACCC considers there are benefits in conducting a combined consultation process on these issues.

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Local Bitstream Access Service Communications Access determination Ongoing

On 7 April 2015 the ACCC commenced an access determination inquiry in relation to the Local Bitstream Access Service (LBAS).

On 22 February 2012, following amendments to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, the ACCC declared the LBAS. The LBAS declaration does not expire.

On 3 October 2012, the ACCC made the LBAS Final Access Determination. The LBAS Final Access Determination expires on 5 October 2015.

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Viterra 2015 Wheat export Access determination Submissions due
24 April 2015

Viterra is a bulk handling company that operates six bulk wheat port facilities in South Australia.

On 12 March 2015, Viterra applied to the ACCC to vary the capacity allocation system contained in its current Port Loading Protocols. Viterra is seeking to introduce long term capacity agreements for the export of bulk wheat from South Australia. It intends that these agreements would be for capacity from late 2015 onwards.

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Spectrum competition limits Communications Policy development Submissions due
17 April 2015

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for managing spectrum under the Radiocommunications Act 1992.  When the ACMA is allocating spectrum licences, the Minister for Communications may direct the ACMA to impose limits (competition limits) on the amount of spectrum that a person can use under allocated licences, and the Minister may seek the ACCC's advice about the competition limits that may be appropriate. The competition limits that are ultimately imposed is a matter for the Minister and the ACMA

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Telstra's Migration Plan Communications Compliance assessment Submissions due
4 May 2015
The ACCC is currently considering this proposed variation submitted 14 June 2013.

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Information disclosure by NBN Co Communications Policy development Submissions due
24 April 2015
The ACCC is consulting on what information NBN Co should disclose about the rollout of its network.

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Fixed line services FAD inquiry 2013 Communications Access determination Submissions due
30 April 2015

On 11 July 2013 the ACCC commenced a combined public inquiry into making final access determinations (FADs) for a number of the fixed line services and the wholesale ADSL service (FAD inquiry). The fixed line services are the:

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