We publish a range of brochures, fact sheets, reports, consultation papers, research findings and other publications for consumers, businesses, regulated industries and other stakeholders.



Provides information and updates about international (focusing on the OECD) and Australian regulatory developments and decisions.
27 Aug 2015
ACCCount is a quarterly report of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's activities.
21 Aug 2015
Pursuant to sections 60CA(5) and 60FD(11) of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, the ACCC is required to report to Parliament on penalties payable by entities that contravened the prohibition against price exploitation and failed to pass through all of their cost savings attributable to the carbon tax repeal, and compliance by all entities with the requirement to provide carbon tax removal substantiation statements.
10 Aug 2015

Reports of the ACCC into the prices, costs and profits of unleaded petrol in Australia.

From 2015 reports have been prepared quarterly under a direction from the Minister.

Prior reports were prepared annually under a direction from the Minister.

10 Aug 2015
The ACCC has developed this guide to assist operators and suppliers when making decisions about all aspects of comparator services, including in advertising and marketing.
3 Aug 2015
Pursuant to s 60J of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), the ACCC is required to report to the Hon. Bruce Billson MP, Minister for Small Business on its operations relating to the carbon tax price reduction obligation. The ACCC is required to report to the Minister on its monitoring activities within 28 days at the end of each quarter.
28 Jul 2015
A twice-yearly report providing a summary of the ACCC’s work and activities amongst the small business sector.
16 Jul 2015
The ACCC and ASIC have jointly produced this guideline which aims to assist creditors, collectors and debtors understand their rights and obligations, and ensure that debt collection activity is undertaken in a way that is consistent with consumer protection laws.
10 Jul 2015
This document explains the self-assessment methodology, measures and output/activity-based evidence that the ACCC will use to assess its performance annually. The ACCC will conduct its first self-assessment at the conclusion of 2015-16.
6 Jul 2015
A quarterly publication of the Utility Regulators Forum.
30 Jun 2015