Media releases

e.g. 23 Jan 2017
e.g. 23 Jan 2017
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ACCC releases draft access determinations for non-NBN superfast broadband services 9 Jan 2017
Motorists should buy now to avoid petrol price spikes 5 Jan 2017
Valve to pay $3 million in penalties for misrepresenting gamers' consumer guarantee rights 3 Jan 2017
20,000 complaints by shoppers about consumer guarantees 3 Jan 2017
ACCC Christmas and New Year arrangements 22 Dec 2016
ACCC releases Statement of Issues on PMP-IPMG print merger 22 Dec 2016
ACCC closes tertiary admissions centres investigation 21 Dec 2016
Harrison Telecommunications companies engaged in unconscionable conduct 21 Dec 2016
Photographers to pay $1.1 million in penalties and refund customers 20 Dec 2016
ACCC acknowledges GrainCorp’s removal of outload fee surcharge 20 Dec 2016
ACCC denies authorisation to joint procurement of SA waste arrangements 20 Dec 2016
Spencers to undertake regular testing of Oregano 19 Dec 2016
ACCC seeks submissions on fly-in fly-out airline alliance 19 Dec 2016
ACCC won’t appeal Woolworths unconscionable conduct decision 16 Dec 2016
Full Federal Court orders $6 million penalty for Nurofen Specific Pain products 16 Dec 2016
Petrol prices in larger cities should fall before Christmas 16 Dec 2016
ACCC takes action against ABG Pages 15 Dec 2016
ACCC proposes to deny authorisation for tobacco companies 15 Dec 2016
ACCC proposes to approve cane growers collective bargaining 15 Dec 2016
Wheat ports operating fairly but current harvest may test access regime in 2017 15 Dec 2016